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Sep 14, 2008

Henry Ford is best remembered as the father of the Model T and the assembly line, but his efforts to get the American people dancing is nearly forgotten.  Also learn about that small bump that appears around mosquito bites and a woman that bequeathed 24 quadrillion dollars to the poor.  Retrosponsored by the...

Aug 31, 2008

The true story of the 1897 invention of the "accumulator" that was designed to extract gold from the world's oceans.  Also learn about the significance of the death of Lt. Thomas Selfridge on September 17, 1908.


Jul 20, 2008

The unbelievable story of how to deal with the disposal of millions of pieces of the toy Flubber.  It's the product that they just couldn't put down!  Also find out about the origin of the name Bluetooth.


Jul 5, 2008

The long defunct Spirits of St. Louis basketball team may actually be one of the most profitable of all time, earning more annually than most likely any team in the NBA.  Listen to this fascinating story to find out why.  Also listen to the first radio commercial ever broadcast.


Jun 15, 2008

The sinking of the USS Indianapolis caused the worst at-sea loss of life in the history of the US Navy.  Hundreds of lives could have been saved if the US Navy had not forgotten about the ship.  Also learn a little more about singer Johnny Mathis, hear from our retrosponsor, and listen to a few true tidbits from our...